• You can always add a dedicated flat bench later if you want

You can always add a dedicated flat bench later if you want

And I wouldn say that you an idiot, it just a misunderstanding about how Quality Score works. Quality Score is based on the exact query of the keyword so it will be the same across match types, all other things equal.point about phrase keywords having lower CPCs than broad match keywords if CTRs are higher can be true, but it not related to quality score. It because you are no longer eligible to show on irrelevant queries that were being broad matched to the keyword.

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This scam isn new. If they had a problem with it for all this time and haven fixed it, they do not get to point to legacy code as their reason for penalizing people rather than just fixing the problem they have. If they only have a problem with it now, they being inconsistent and the least they could do is indicate that their stance has changed so people aren being penalized for something they have every reason to think is allowed, considering the environment this game has cultivated for all these years.

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