• We gonna go deep into that topic today so if that interests you

We gonna go deep into that topic today so if that interests you

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And so begins Israel’s life of crime. With no advance to lean on, Israel decides to sell a personal note from Katharine Hepburn she’s framed on her wall in order to get by. That, along with a serendipitous original letter from vaudeville comedian Fanny Brice found during a research session, sparks an idea: She could write these letters.

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The initial Broken Shore invasion had Horde and Alliance making banter at each other while thinking we had a good assault going until we got shrekt. Out of this literally came the Orders, and really everyone knows the Legion specializes in subterfuge and manipulation at this point, so why risk sharing anything until all forces can be aware that we all legit?And then the Orders come together for the first time as the Armies of Legionfall, where we launch an immensely successful campaign on the Tomb. After this first success, it makes sense the Orders would start opening up with intel and information.I not going get to say the Orders were amazing high replica bags or anything, some were insufferable (looking at priest and hunter).

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