• This will save you some at the airport

This will save you some at the airport

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Pandian said that although he could not meet her in person, he met those who have been with the Chief Minister. They assured him that she was making a full recovery and that since they are trusted persons, there was no reason to believe that they were hiding anything. He urged the general public to stop spreading rumours and said that people cannot remain stubborn and say they do not believe doctors, ADMK leaders or other party leaders and continue to believe in rumours about the Jayalalitha’s health.

Too many decision makers pay too little attention to country risk and other subjects of crucial importance when making cross border trade and investment decisions. There are a number of reasons for this, but the most common are a lack of education at the Board level (which leads to an inability to discern fact from fiction) and not knowing the right questions to ask of corporate management. Companies also tend to rely on risk management processes they believe are bullet proof, which may instead be riddled with gaps, inconsistencies, and contradictions..

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