• The Lemonade Stand

The Lemonade Stand

by Emmanuel Modu

Among the topics covered in The Lemonade Stand are: tips to help kids come up with business ideas, helping young entrepreneurs create business plans, legal and tax issues for business kids, simplified record keeping, basic business concepts, common mistakes made by young entrepreneurs, getting kids interested in the family business, business ethics, teaching kids money-management skills, and the benefits and misconceptions of youth entrepreneurship.

This book also contains a chapter written by young entrepreneurs in which they share their motivations for starting and running their own businesses. In addition, The Lemonade Stand contains the only survey ever taken of young entrepreneurs, and a comprehensive reference guide of all major youth entrepreneurship organizations in the United States and Canada.

Gateway Publishers 348 p.      TG-19

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The Lemonade Stand: A Guide To Encouraging The Entrepreneur In Your Child.
by Emmanuel Modu