• Should make a huge circle with 1 or 2 degrees of turn

Should make a huge circle with 1 or 2 degrees of turn

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Im exploring using IDME is a (Social Media reputation system )or a Blockchain reputation system for landlordsinstead of FICA scores since a positive Rental payment is all we care about the FICA is mostly used for Banks and does not indicate if someone would be a good tenant. Just the opposite my worst Tenant ever had the best credit score id ever seen. The credit scores are easily manipulated by his uncle who worked for a large bank.

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Having avoided that mini battle, Yuvraj went on to put the decisive stamp on the day’s play. His innings bristled with the sort of point to prove aggression that Pietersen had himself shown on Sunday, and carried India clear of a potential embarrassment at 80 for 4. Their approach up until then, however, had been incoherent.

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