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best hermes replica Most babies are colonised by yeast and other normal flora shortly after birth. Yeast is normally kept in check by the other resident flora. The other flora prevents the yeast from overgrowing and causing the yeast infection. The polarisation of upper castes, especially the numerically strong Vokkaligas, in Chamundeshwari seat might have prompted Karnataka Chief Minister Siddramaiah to play it safe and also contest from Badami, watchers of the assembly polls said on Tuesday.Siddramaiah, who has repeatedly asserted that the Congress will score a second straight win in one of its remaining strongholds, had initially said he would contest only from Chamundeshwari, a constituency that gave him ‘political birth’.The chief minister also often said that this was ‘most likely’ going to be his last election and wanted to end his political innings from where it started.According to some accounts, internal Congress surveys indicated a tough battle for the chief minister in Chamundeshwari.Poll watchers maintain there was an ‘undercurrent’ against Siddaramaiah in the influential Vokkaliga community to which another major contender for power the Janata Dal Secular of former prime minister H D Deve Gowda belongs.Siddaramaiah hits back at Yeddyurappa for dynasty barbKarnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday lashed out at Bharatiya Janata Party leader B S Yeddyurappa for calling Congress a party of dynastic politics as he questioned the credentials of the saffron party to make the attack.He questioned BJP’s ‘moral grounds’ for calling Congress a party of dynastic politics when Yeddyurappa’s son B Y Raghavendra had been elected to parliament and the assembly in the past.”Who is Raghavendra? Whose son is he? Is he not Yeddyurappa’s son? Raghavendra was MP. What should we call it? Shouldn’t we call it dynastic politics? These people (BJP) are fooling around everyone,” Siddaramaiah told reporters in Mysuru.He was referring to Yeddyurappa’s repeated charge during the campaign that the Congress was a party of dynastic politics.Raghavendra was a Lok Sabha member and is now an MLA.Yeddyurappa’s second son Vijayendra was also projected as a candidate from Varuna to take on Siddaramaiah’s son Yatindra in the May 12 assembly elections. But it was announced by Yeddyurappa that he would not contest.Narayana A, who teaches political philosophy and Indian politics at Azim Premji University, said, caste polarisation might have left Siddaramaiah worried and forced him to also opt for Badami, which has sizeable presence of his fellow Kuruba voters.”Otherwise, in an election where he has to lead from the front, virtually travelling across the state, he shouldn’t be wasting his time contesting from two constituencies,” he said.The perception is Chamundeshwari seat is difficult for him.”Not that he will lose, it will be difficult,” he added.Narayana said there appeared to exist ‘some kind of Vokkaliga anger’ against him, what was ‘palpable’ in some places and ‘subdued’ in another. best hermes replica

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