• I believe that there are natural cures for cancer

I believe that there are natural cures for cancer

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Just figure out what videos you like to do and start at it, cause if you start off looking for views, nothing will be worth it (if that makes any sense) ;P Good luck!As always Im Jirachi, I play overwatch BUT. I started Life is strange EP1 (because its free now, and I basically got forced to play it by someone I know!)SOO let me know what I can improve on it content wise, or commentairy wise!First episode (yes the game sound is a bit low, OBS didnt change over from stream settings. And forgot todo it manually, will be better in EP2(still got a strike for main manu music.))I restarted my overwatch road to golden weapons series as my old progress didnt transfer to the actual game but stuck to PTR!this is as of now the latest episode.(and yes still working on a mic, summer will be here soon and I have my last exam as well as gratuation today!(IF I pass)as of now there is only one comment so Im rating that right now! 1 point submitted 2 years agoHello there, I watched your Life is Strange video, but I was only able to make it to half way through.To be frank, the commentary was not of a great quality, your talking was too fast at some points making it hard to make out what being said and sometimes the actual commentary didn make sense.

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