• But then his hand went to my crotch

But then his hand went to my crotch

I looked. I was like, oh, I see. You’re a pro. He’s still in fine form, too. His playing may be slightly less energetic than it was fifty years ago, especially on the swingers, but he can more than hold his own in the quartet setting. Brubeck is known (and has been criticized) for his dry, cerebral piano style, and thankfully he hasn’t been overcome by pathos in the winter of his years.

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Are you asking how to automatically forward mail from one or more of those 500 email addresses on your domain to a gmail, hotmail, whatever,. Email account? That should be pretty straightforward and easy to do/configure, but differs based on the SMTP software you use. But according to the Haraka config it should be doable with aliases (documentation link).

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