• But his preferred candidate for mayor in the June election is

But his preferred candidate for mayor in the June election is

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In this report, we say Brad Chapin was among dozens of people testifying in support of London Breed, San Francisco’s acting mayor. As Chapin said at a public meeting, he believes the acting or appointed mayor best replica designer should be a woman of color such as Breed. But his preferred candidate for mayor in the June election is a different city supervisor, Jane Kim..

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Here is what seems to have happened. At the end of a closed door meeting with women journalists and activists the worst victims of hate and misogyny on Twitter Dorsey was handed a poster by a Dalit activist with the loaded slogan: “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy”. Admirably, or innocently, he held it in front of a camera, and his India born public policy aide, Vijaya Gadde, urged many to post the photo on Twitter even best replica designer bags though it was of a private meeting.