• And Morata returned the favour after the break for Hazard’s 51

And Morata returned the favour after the break for Hazard’s 51

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Only eight 15 seeds have ever won first round games, and I was courtside for two of those (Lehigh and Middle Tennessee). I was there when 16 seed Southern almost knocked off No. 1 seed Gonzaga. Even today, when one thinks of Strummer, it’s the music he made with Mick Jones a year or two either side of 1980 that stays with us. And that music was really great and enormously varied. There was punk, obviously, but also reggae, blues rock, rockabilly you name it.

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Replica Handbags There were more signs of the “connection” between the pair that Hazard spoke about this week against Bournemouth at the Vitality Stadium.The link up between Chelsea’s Belgian winger and new No.9 was one of the features of Chelsea’s display and is encouraging so early in their time as teammates.Twice Hazard teed up Morata for chances that would have been goals were it not for interventions from Asmir Begovic in the first half. And Morata returned the favour after the break for Hazard’s 51 minute opener.Manchester https://www.handbagsreplicaa.com United 1 0 Tottenham: Anthony Martial comes off the bench to net winner 5 talking pointsThere’s hope for Huddersfield The visit of Huddersfield was always going to be less of an ordeal for Liverpool’s defence. The tiny Yorkshire club are a walking miracle even being in the Premier League, thanks to the wiles of their canny coach David Wagner.Their only mission this season is to somehow cling on in the top flight, and their only chance is to park the bus in games like these, and hope for the Gods to deliver something Replica Handbags.