About Us – Over Half a Century of Service

In Easter Week 1953, Ben D. Wood, Ph.D., Director of Educational Research, Columbia University, and Edward H. Crane, Jr. Publisher, gathered representatives of 23 school systems together to develop for the school classroom an adaptation of an industrial employee economic education program which had caught the attention of those educators when it was used in factories in their localities. This was the birth of of the National Schools Committee For Economic Education, Inc. (NSCEE) and its commitment to teaching young people the basic values and principles of the Free Enterprise System.

Dr. Wood, widely respected as a leader in developing simplified and effective teaching methodologies, said at the time: "Instruction in simple, functional economics, with the use of non-technical concepts, words and phrases bears the same relation to formal economics as Health & Hygiene bears to Medicine. Such instruction should begin at the earliest ages of our young people." This continues to form the basis of NSCEE policy for researching and developing simplified ways and means of teaching the basic principles and values of the Free Enterprise System.

We are an IRS qualified 501(c)(3) educational foundation and we welcome contributions, which are tax deductible, to support our economic education mission.